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Who We Are

The numbers are in: the majority of the Millennial generation is pro-choice. Millennials are working hard to protect access to reproductive health nationwide, but every day, anti-choice attacks are regulating our bodies, closing our clinics, and keeping us from accessing the health services we deserve.

There’s only one solution. We need to be louder.

By 2020, 40% of all voters will be Millennials. The pro-choice movement rests on the shoulders of the Millennial generation – and the NARAL Campus Network is ready to take on that challenge.

The NARAL Campus Network is a network of passionate, driven student activists that fight for reproductive justice on their college campuses and in their communities. Coming from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, our Campus Organizers share the same vision: to raise the pro-choice voice statewide.

What We’re Up to Now

Across the state, our campus chapters are promoting the Reproductive Bill of Rights, a document that would hold their colleges accountable and ensure that they are providing their students the most comprehensive, inclusive reproductive health care. Campus chapters have also worked to expose crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), pass our Anti-Shackling Bill, and get pro-choice champions elected to office, all the while organizing local campaigns to promote a pro-choice culture on-campus.

Get Involved

NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts currently has campus chapters at Boston University, Brookline High School, Clark, Tufts, and Wheaton. This year, NARAL is coming to a campus near you. It’s time to take advantage of the pro-choice majority, elect leaders that will fight for choice, and amplify our voices so we can’t be ignored.

If you are a student dedicated to pro-choice activism and would like to get involved in a pre-existing chapter or start a new NARAL chapter on your campus, please send an email to Kate Froehlich at

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We fight for a future that includes access to all reproductive health care no matter your zip code or employer. Massachusetts must lead the charge. Are you with us?