BOSTON–NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, the Commonwealth’s leading reproductive freedom advocacy organization, congratulates the NARAL MA City Champions who have won in Boston’s preliminary elections this evening. The City Champion Pledge was unveiled on August 18, and all five of the leading candidates for Mayor, as well as 18 candidates for Boston City Council signed on.

As of late Tuesday evening, the winning City Champions in Boston are: Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George for Mayor, City Councilors Ricardo Arroyo, Kenzie Bok, and Lydia Edwards, and City Council Candidates Tania Anderson, Kendra Hicks, Stephen McBride, and Mary Tamer. Votes are still being counted, but if this pattern holds among those seeking City Council seats, it is likely that a majority of the candidates in Boston this November will be City Champions.

As with the 2020 election cycle, candidates’ positions on reproductive freedom was a major deciding factor for voters during the prelims. In light of Texas’ recent abortion ban and the federal threats to Roe v. Wade, it’s likely that our state’s overwhelming pro-choice majority will vote for City Champions in droves throughout the remainder of the 2021 election cycle.

“I’d like to extend my sincerest congratulations to all of the winning City Champions in Boston. Protecting abortion access is a state-by-state, community-by-community, grassroots battle and it’s very reassuring to know that we have so many pro-choice allies in Boston,” said Rebecca Hart Holder, Executive Director of NARAL MA. “Abortion access faces its greatest threat after the Supreme Court allowed Texas’ SB8 to stand. Massachusetts must continue to be a national model and leader for the rest of the country in this fight by electing reproductive freedom champions at every level of government.”

NARAL MA would also like to extend its gratitude to the rest of the preliminary candidates who took the City Champion Pledge. Their dedication to reproductive freedom was an important factor in this race and we’re proud that they answered the call for reproductive rights. We wish them the very best of luck in their future endeavors.



Jon Latino


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