Boston, MA — In response to Cardinal O’Malley’s statement on the ROE Act, NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts Executive Director Rebecca Hart Holder released the following statement:

“Like so many voices in the debate around reproductive freedom, Cardinal O’Malley’s comments on the ROE Act do not accurately reflect the contents of the bill or respect the dignity of Massachusetts women trying to make their own health care decisions. Current Massachusetts law puts up barriers between a woman and her doctor based on arbitrary and political restrictions, not best medical practice. Under the ROE Act, Massachusetts women faced with a non-viable pregnancy can make the best decision based on their circumstances with their doctor, instead of having politicians decide for them. It’s simple: all this bill does is protect a woman’s right to choose at a time when abortion is being banned in states across the country. This bill just prevents the government from getting involved with women’s health care decisions. We are proud to stand up for all Massachusetts women who want to make their own personal decisions about whether or not to end a pregnancy, and will keep fighting to make sure that reproductive freedom is a reality for all Massachusetts women and families.”

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