Boston, MA

After Supreme Court Chief Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts Executive Director Rebecca Hart Holder issued the following statement.

“Today Justice Kennedy announced his retirement and because President Trump will nominate the next Supreme Court justice, a woman’s constitutional right to access legal abortion is in dire, immediate danger. Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and the anti-choice GOP have already stolen one seat from the American people, and now they have one more seat on the bench to enact their brutal ideology for decades to come. ”

“This is not a drill: the lawsuits necessary to overturn Roe are already moving through the lower courts, and extreme anti-choice activists boast that they only need one new Trump justice to end legal abortion. Now, with this new Supreme Court vacancy, Roe and every woman’s constitutional right to access abortion is in jeopardy like never before.”

“Women and families in Massachusetts know what’s at stake: Trump has long promised to only nominate justices who would overturn the right to legal abortion. We can’t and won’t go back to the days when abortion was illegal in this country.”

“Now is the time for Massachusetts to repeal the archaic law on the books that could be used to criminalize abortion if enforced. The law, which is unconstitutional under Roe, creates a five year mandatory minimum sentence for ‘Procuring a miscarriage.’ This law must not be resurrected. In January, the Massachusetts Senate unanimously passed S. 2260, a bill that will repeal archaic laws targeting women, including the law that could be used to criminalize abortion. To protect the right to choose in Massachusetts, regardless of what happens at the U.S. Supreme Court, these archaic laws must be repealed now.”


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