Boston, MA

Today, the Massachusetts Legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Health will hold a public hearing on S.754, An Act Safeguarding the Health Care Decisions of Young Adults, while the Joint Committee on the Judiciary will hold a public hearing on H.926, H.934, and H.935. In response to both hearings, Rebecca Hart Holder, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, released the following statement:
“Today, Massachusetts is presented with a choice. Our Commonwealth can either take a critical step forward for reproductive freedom by advancing S.754, legislation that would make it easier for young women in the Bay State to access the abortion care they need. Or, Massachusetts can take a giant step backward by advancing H.926, H.934, and H.935, three anti-choice pieces of legislation that would dangerously undermine Bay Staters’ right to access the safe, legal abortion care that is their constitutional right.
“If today’s two paths sound familiar, that is because they are a perfect mirror of the paths we are facing on a national scale. The three anti-choice bills before the Judiciary Committee follow the dangerous anti-choice agenda of President Trump and his cronies – an agenda to drag us backward, overturn Roe v. Wade, and eradicate the constitutional right to safe, legal abortion.
“But there is another path. A path where Beacon Hill turns Massachusetts into a true beacon of reproductive freedom in the Trump era. A path where Massachusetts becomes a national model for expanding access to reproductive health care, including abortion; trusting women to make their own choices; and guaranteeing economic security for working families.
“That is the path Massachusetts must choose. That is the path 7 in 10 Bay Staters support and NARAL member activists are mobilizing daily to win. NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts strongly urges the Public Health Committee to report S.754 favorably out of committee and the Judiciary Committee not to advance H.926, H.934, or H.935.”
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