Boston, MA

NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts is proud to be hosting its third annual “Men for Choice” event, which celebrates some of our most dedicated male allies. This year, we are honoring Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh for his tremendous leadership as the Mayor of Boston. The event will be held on Feb. 22, 2016 from 6- 8pm at Carrie Nation in Boston.

A proven champion for women and families, Mayor Walsh has long supported pro-choice initiatives at the city and state levels. Mayor Walsh testified before the State Legislature to ensure women have access to the full range of accurate medical information and reproductive health care, and he has taken steps to ensure that anti-choice “crisis pregnancy centers”—facilities that pretend to be clinics, lure in pregnant women, provide them with medical misinformation, and shame and coerce them into not choosing abortion—do not have a place in the City of Boston. In 2015, Mayor Walsh enacted the groundbreaking paid parental leave policy for city employees. Most recently, under his leadership, Boston became one of just seven cities stating support for abortion providers in the upcoming Supreme Court case Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt.

NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts Executive Director Megan Amundson sees the event as a way to recognize the role men can play in advancing NARAL’s vision. “The decision to start a family, and all of the health care decisions that go into planning our families, isn’t just about women. Men across the Commonwealth are allies for reproductive freedom every day, and Men for Choice is an opportunity to recognize that reproductive freedom is a family issue and a community issue. The Men for Choice award is given to men who have demonstrated real impact for women and families. Mayor Walsh has been a bold leader in expanding reproductive freedom, and we are honored to have an opportunity to recognize him.”

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