Boston, MA

The executive board of NARAL Pro-Choice at Clark University met with President David Angel and other representatives from the University administration yesterday to discuss the adoption and implementation of a Reproductive Bill of Rights for the Clark campus. In a significant victory for the reproductive health of the University community, President Angel committed to implementing elements of the Reproductive Bill of Rights by the fall of 2016.

“We applaud and thank the University administration for prioritizing the reproductive health and safety of students in our community,” said Hallie Blashfield ’17, NARAL Clark campus organizer. “President Angel has set a positive tone for the implementation of the Reproductive Bill of Rights. We look forward to our continued work with the Administration over the next year as these standards of reproductive freedom are adopted.”

NARAL Clark has spent the last year researching the state of reproductive and sexual health services on campus, producing a nine-point document that identifies gaps in coverage and opportunities to improve the health and safety of Clark students. The Reproductive Bill of Rights addresses access to affordable and reliable contraception on campus, long term anti-violence and consent education, and gender-neutral, comprehensive information regarding existing campus resources.

“NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts is proud to be partnered with the standout organizers at NARAL Clark. These students offer the pro-choice movement an inspiring vision of what pro-active, innovative campus organizing looks like and we commend their leadership,” said Christian Miron, deputy director of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts. “The Reproductive Bill of Rights establishes an important standard for reproductive health for all universities and colleges in the Commonwealth. We are glad to see Clark University lead the way.”

NARAL Clark had the backing of almost 1,000 students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni who signed an online petition circulated by the group in support of the Reproductive Bill of Rights.

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