Statement from NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue on today’s Supreme Court rulings:

“We are pleased that the cause of freedom and choice prevailed today. Women and men have the right to chart their own courses in life, with the partner and family they choose. For that reason, we have long supported the cause of marriage equality.

“As we said in our policy, laid out in 2004, NARAL Pro-Choice America believes everyone has the right to be free from government interference in the most personal, private areas of one’s life including marriage and the right to choose whether and when to have children. The decisions today set an important precedent that individuals, not politicians, are entitled to this control of their lives and future. A woman’s right to choose is grounded in this same principle.

“We congratulate the millions of men and women whose lives will be changed for the better by today’s rulings, and we proudly stand with the organizations around the country that have worked to secure these rights for all Americans. We look forward to the day that all Americans enjoy an equal right to marry the partner they love. As with defenders of Roe v. Wade, your hardest work may be just beginning, but today, we have an amazing victory to celebrate.”

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