“We are deeply concerned by the arrival in Massachusetts of a license plate developed as a tool to fund so-called ‘crisis pregnancy centers,’ which provide false, misleading, and medically inaccurate information to pregnant women who are seeking guidance about their options. It is troubling that this new plate might leave the impression that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts supports telling women untruths in an effort to distort their decision making.

“We applaud organizations that wish to help support women who have made the choice to carry a pregnancy to term and become mothers or place their children for adoption – so long as these groups do not use deception, fear, and shame to undermine women’s choices. In other states, Choose Life plates fund unlicensed, unregulated groups that are dishonest about their purposes and who present discredited claims as medical fact. It is unconscionable for them to mislead or coerce women with unintended or crisis pregnancies when they are making such important decisions about their lives and health. A pregnant woman deserves to be presented with the full range of options available to her in a factual, unbiased manner.
“NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts remains committed to working to ensure timely access to unbiased, medically accurate counseling and education along with the health care services that can help prevent an unintended pregnancy in the first place, including family planning, teen pregnancy prevention programs, and age-appropriate sexuality education.”

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles will distribute the plates, which cost $40 above regular registration fees: $12 to cover the costs of producing the plate and $28 to Choose Life, Inc., whose website claims it will distribute the funds to “non-governmental, not-for-profit [pregnancy crisis centers] not involved in abortion services in any way.” According to a recent report by the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, 87 percent of these kinds of centers provide false or misleading information about abortion.
NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts is the state’s leading advocate for privacy and a woman’s right to choose.
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